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Welcome to my Blog

I have created this Blog for one important reason only, and that’s to give you some straight talk about money. Sadly, too many people these days believe that it takes a “get-rich-quick” scheme to secure their financial independence, that they fail to see the trees for the forest. No matter what financial resources are at your disposal, whether you earn $50,000 or $100,000, it’s more about aligning your current financial strategy with your life goals that will help you to actually achieve these goals.

I am a great believer that most things in life are simple, although they might not be easy. It’s a bit like going from one place to another, first of all you have to know the destination and then you need to have directions on how you get there. In my years of practice as an Accountant and Financial Planner, I have realised that the most difficult part for people is to take the time to sit down and plan for their future. To do it right you need to know how to break down your overarching goals into achievable steps on the road to your destination. It involves SMART goal setting, supported by the right budget and determination to stick to your budget.

You might have a dream about what you want to achieve in life, or you might just want to:

  • have more certainty in life
  • enjoy life on your own terms
  • build wealth to suit your lifestyle
  • leave a legacy for your  family

The good news is, you can start taking control of your money right now by using some of the tools I have made available for you on my website www.robertbauman.com.au.

Stay tuned for my next blog post and start marching with me on the road to financial independence. Knowledge is power, and I want to empower you to take your financial future into your own hands.

Stay tuned for more Straight Money Talk

Robert Bauman
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