Wealth Creation


Be careful – most ‘opportunities’ are just wolves in sheep’s clothing

I’ve been working in the finance industry for 20 years and I reckon I’ve seen just about everything.  I even once saw ads in the paper inviting people to invest in pockets of ‘Air Space’… and the latest cross breed of a sheep and a goat called a ‘Geep’.  These were research ads place by the Australian Government to see if people were trusting enough to inquire.  The results were shocking – hundreds of people asked for more information on how they could invest in these ‘latest’ schemes.  Although there are many so-called ‘new’ opportunities opening up every day, most are the same old schemes just dressed up in the latest fashion.


We deal in people not products

What does your current Financial Planner or Advisor deal in? Think about it – can you ever imagine going to a doctor and having them give you a drug prescription without first diagnosing your health problems or understanding your health goals?  Like a responsible financial physician, we first need to assess where you are and where you want to head financially.  Believe me, this is the hardest part.  And it’s why most people never get started in planning their financial journey.  That’s why we refuse to focus on investment platforms and “preferred companies”.  Instead, we focus on you.  When we first meet we will not talk with you about insurance, super or any investment product.


5 Steps to Financial Independence by Robert Bauman

This is the ultimate guide for people who want to enjoy life on their own terms, build their wealth to suit their lifestyle and leave a legacy for their family.
This practical working manual includes suggested action plans for each of the 5 Steps and is written in terms that everyone can understand not just a financial expert. It contains the blueprint and tools you can use to start your journey to financial independence. Click here to get a copy of 5 Steps to Financial Independence

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