Protect your lifestyle while you make your money

You are hard at work making money, building your career or your business, and you’re building a lifestyle for your growing family. The kids love to have the latest gadgets… and if you don’t have children you are probably spoiling yourself with items you always wanted to have, and I’m talking big … Read More

5 Simple Steps to Take Control of Your Money

The key to your financial future When people tell me “If I just had more money, all my problems would go away,” I respond by saying “The truth is, more money will never be enough until you learn how to manage what you already have.” This may sound heretic in a world that’s ruled by money, and … Read More

Get Ready for 7 Serious Life Transitions Ahead

Most baby boomers will face seven key events in their last stage of life that will color their finances and investments. Prepare for these events by thinking about them now. It can be dangerous to generalize about the baby boomer generation, but there are seven key events that nearly everyone will face … Read More

The Art of Managing Retirement Assumptions

A retirement plan is built on a set of assumptions that can’t be validated until it’s too late. One key to successful retirement planning is carefully setting assumptions and revising them often. Retirement calculators make it so easy. Pick a retirement date. Estimate your living expenses in retirement and choose an inflation … Read More

Life: Get it right with Estate Planning

When we’re 18 years old most of us generally think we are bullet proof and take risks which we might look back on in later years as being completely irresponsible. Every age group has distinctive “psychological markers” that are all part of the process of growing up or becoming older and wiser … Read More

Top 5 Goals for Estate Planning

Setting goals and writing them down to aim for what you want to achieve financially in your lifetime is a proven strategy. If you have family, then your goals will probably include and consider your loved ones. With Estate Planning, you can even do more than that. You can make sure that the goals you and your family … Read More

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