Robert Bauman

Principal - Straight Money Talk Pty Ltd

Robert Bauman has been a Financial Planner for 12 years and an Accountant and Business Advisor for over 20 years. He holds a Bachelor in Accounting from the University of Tennessee and a Master in Finance from Georgia State University.

Robert’s passion to educate and empower people to take their financial future into their own hands has led him to writing the 5 Steps to Financial Independence. In this book, Robert has distilled 20 years of accounting and financial experience into 5 key steps to help people take control of their money.
Far from your usual Financial Planner, Robert is a genuine straight shooter. He’s a specialist in helping people get on the financial path they desire. How does he do it? By first helping them to accept the truth about their financial situation and the way it stacks up to support their lifestyle. You’ll know instantly that he is sincere about helping you.
His vast experience in the work and business world allows him to understand exactly what challenges people face to make their money and get ahead financially, whether as an employee or an employer.
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