Your retirement savings may have to work longer than you do

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On average, Australians expect to live to about 81. We expect to start work at about 20 and then retire at 65. Which means that you would have 45 years of work in which to save enough to live on for 16 years of retirement. Our research shows a vastly different picture. Longevity is trending upwards Life expectancy data changes as you attain older ages:  A couple both aged 65 today has a 50% chance that one will live beyond … Read More

Superannuation is a political football

  Read the Transcript: Superannuation is a political football. No wonder they keep moving the goal posts. Every year, it seems, they change the rules – the retirement age, the contributions cap, and so it goes on. No wonder one in three Australians are concerned about legislative changes* being made to super – what they mean and how to work with them. It’s a cause for concern, but it helps to keep it all in perspective, give all the factors their … Read More

Insurance Case Study – Corrie’s Story

  Insurance Planning: Corrie’s Story | Read the Transcript: I’ll never forget that phone call. It’s just gone 10 o’clock… the boys were over fixing my verandah and they headed off back home after dinner. The policeman said that they were involved in a car crash, and that they were alive, but they were both badly injured. They were in hospital for over a month, but Tom, he was in a coma for almost 2 weeks. But he’s alright now. … Read More

Avoid the Pitfalls of DIY Insurance

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Insurance Planning: Phil’s Story | Read the Transcript: It’s been a good business – video production, and more ups than downs you know. The truth is, I don’t know how much longer I can keep it going for now. Yes, I had a bit of bad luck with my health, it’s… if I’m honest with myself, really… well, it’s really all my fault. Two years ago, I found out I had a melanoma, that was the bad luck part. But … Read More

The five key questions on aged care

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If you are considering aged care for someone close to you, there are five questions you need answered to ensure the best care at the most reasonable cost. It’s a fact of life that many of us will need to one day face the daunting task of seeking aged care for someone close to us. At first the complexity of dealing with the personal, practical and financial issues may seem overwhelming, but there are positive ways to address these issues … Read More

What’s your family succession plan?

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While often difficult, having discussions with your family about estate planning, and how your assets will be distributed when you die, is so important. Here are just some of the key building blocks to consider when looking to create your own family succession plan. Have a valid Will… There are many problems that arise if you don’t have a valid Will – problems that can cause a great deal of distress to your family when you die. A valid Will … Read More

Smart Financial Strategies for Women

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Estate planning After a lifetime of working hard and accumulating your wealth, you will want to know that it is distributed according to your wishes. Many women do not want to think about making a Will or estate planning, but knowing that your loved ones are taken care of after you die could be a great comfort. Without adequate estate planning and a valid Will, you can expose your family and dependants to serious, unnecessary risks and burdens, such as your Will being … Read More

Too much cover?

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In Australia, Life Insurance and TPD Insurance is typically included in your super – by default. Generally this is a good thing, but if you’re one of the 4 in every 10 Australians who have more than one super fund, it may not be a good thing at all. Why? Because, unless you’ve opted out of insurance with your other funds, you’re essentially duplicating your cover AND your premiums.  As you can see below, this can have a massive negative … Read More

How to Downsize and Increase Your Super

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You may have heard of downsizing before, which is when you move from a larger home into a smaller one that suits you better at a different stage in your life. Now there is a new category of superannuation contributions. It’s called Downsizing Superannuation Contribution. It allows older Australians to contribute more to their superannuation fund simply by downsizing from a larger home into a smaller one. The scheme will be open to take contributions for the sale of a … Read More

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